Petrozain for Construction & Maintenance Company Limitedis an engineering firm with over 12 years of experience in  the fields of General Maintenance & Construction and Electromechanical MaintenanceServices.
The company is established in the Republic Of Yemen. Its head office is located in Mukalla the capitalcity of Hadramout governorate, and Has branches in Sana'a,Aden and Dubai. Petrozainhas vast experienceinGeneralMaintenance Services,Construction Engineering, Electromechanical Engineering.

Basically,the major business specialized is Oil & Gas Fields,Residential,Commercial and Industrial Projects.

The company is organized in three main divisions namely:
- Engineering & Construction.
- General Maintenance Services.
- Electromechanical Maintenance Services.

In order to provide these main heavy activities in a safe way manner,it shall require having a real qualified,trained and most experience manpower.

Petrozain has worked hard to promote its key personnel in order to tie in with industrial standard and earn a respectful reputation and to satisfy its customers.

Petrozain has provided different kind of professionalmanpower to customers in respect of  Engineering  and Construction, Electromechanical, General Maintenance Services. Among this professional manpower are expats from Middle East,India and Far East.
Consequently, the services provided by our key personnelto our customers has certainly appreciated and built excellent business relations hip with our customers. In return, this has encouraged us to keep upgrading the production of the assigned tasks. Keeping
in view of the experience, financial  resources and  equipment; we are capable and confident to undertake the provisional of skilled and unskilled manpower, Engineering and Construction, Electromechanical, General Maintenance Services.

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