Quality Assurance Quality Control

1. Statement

This quality control & quality assurance policy outlines our belief and commitment to ensure that ongoing quality improvement is an integral part of our organization. Petrozain Limited will aim for continuous improvement in the quality of all aspects of its work as part of its determination to achieve the highest possible standards. Our objective is to deliver defects free services on time every time.

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of this plan is to document the management policy and quality objective and illustrate how the system and practice will be followed to achieve this goal. The quality plan is based on the scope of works & specifications provided in the tender documents for the project.

1.2 Conception

Our quality control system contributes to minimize the construction cost and to keep the best construction quality in accordance with the construction drawings & specifications. It makes sure to build systematically and to check the construction procedure step by step. Our quality control system will make our customers satisfy ultimately.

2. Purpose of the quality control plan

This quality control plan is established to provide all the necessary inspection, testing and documentations of the contract in order to ensure that all work that is accomplished, materials utilized and equipment supplied are in accordance with the plans and specifications applicable to the work as prescribed in the quality control provisions of the plan and specifications.

This quality control plan includes all the requirements under the contract such as raw material selection, selection of vendors, procurement, equipment, and identification of non-conforming products and control of documents.

This procedure establishes the method to be used for providing all necessary inspections, tests and documentation for the contract.

The quality control plan is designed to be both preventative and corrective in nature.

3. Quality control & plan revisions

The purpose of this plan is to document the management policy and quality objective and illustrate how the system and practice will be followed to achieve this goal. The quality plan is based on the scope of works & specifications provided in the tender documents for the project.

  • The quality control plan will be revised and updated whenever any changes in the quality organization or the quality plan occur. This action will ensure that the plan is current at all times during the life of the contract as deemed necessary.
  • The revision will be indicated.
  • Plan revisions shall be submitted to the Client as per relevant clauses of the contract.
  • The document will be maintained and controlled as per approved document control procedure. Controlling authority for all subsequent revisions will be The QA/QC Engineer and approval authority will be General Manager.

4. Organization and Accountability

4.1 Project Manager

The Project Manager is responsible for the effective control of the project. He will be responsible for ensuring that the work is performed in accordance with the contract specification and within the time and cost constraints. He shall arrange the necessary manpower, plan, machinery and materials to complete the construction activities with the contract requirements.

4.2 Project Engineer

To coordinate all resources required for each contract such that timescales, budgets and technical standards are achieved to the highest quality and safety.

4.3 Project Coordinator

To develop, control, coordinate and ensure implementation of planning, scheduling, cost control and material management activities.

4.4 Quality Control Engineer

Define the duties, responsibilities and reporting authorities of the project personnel in exercising surveillance over quality requirements / activities, material suppliers and testing for the project.

5. Project Team

The following are the list of duties and responsibilities for the project team at the job site:

  • Review all contract drawings, specification and amendments.
  • Review all material submittals for complaints with plan and specifications.
  • All conflicts shall be notified for clarifications.
  • Reporting to concerned department in-charge.
  • Maintain continuous inspection of all project activities to assure a high standard quality.
  • Maintain all relevant details related to the scope of work at the site.
  • Maintain high standard of quality output in duty assigned.

6. Contract Review

The final contract shall be carried out by Petrozain for the job which has been completed by the Petrozain management. The contract details have been arranged between Petrozain limited and the Client during the contract award. Project Manager is responsible for communicating with various department for any scope changes, contract clarifications etc.

7. Process

The QA/QC procedures will be founded in a process of regular self-evaluation by teams in different departments, internal audits and observations, in addition to employer and client feedback.
Wherever appropriate, the procedures will promote the identification of quality standards and performance indicators against which performance can be measured, evaluated and improved.

8. Actions

The results of the quality control monitoring as stated above, will be used to:

  • Action plan for improvement within Petrozain Limited.
  • Highlight issues that need consideration by Petrozain Limited.
  • Feedback on actions taken will be shared with employees.
  • Identify new initiatives and solutions that will improve the quality of development that we bring to our clients.