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PETBOZAIN accepts responsibility for the complete satisfaction of its customers. We exercise this responsibility through adequate training of our employees, adherence to proven procedures, total commitment to meeting and exceeding customer requirements, and maintaining accompany culture that fosters continuous improvement. Our objective is to deliver defect free services on time, every time.

Abdulrahman Zain Bahumaid
General Manager

Petrozain has developed, documented, implemented and maintains its quality system in accordance with the requirements of Quality management systems - Requirements.  Petrozain's quality system is based upon a "process approach" to quality management.

The Quality Manual is the principal document that defines the quality system at Petrozain it includes:
• The scope of the quality system, including details of, and justification for, any exclusions;
• Documented procedures;
• References to documented procedures and external documents not included in the quality manual;
• A description of the sequence and interaction of the processes included in the quality system.
Petrozain identifies and controls documents required by the quality system and ensures that documents:
• Are reviewed and approved for adequacy prior to issue;
• Are updated, reviewed, and approved for re-issue as necessary;
• Are identified with their current revision status;
• Are available at point of use;
• Are legible، readily identifiable، and retrievable;
• Of external origin are identified and their distribution is managed;
• That are obsolete are prevented from unintended use and are suitably identified if They are retained for any purpose.

Petrozain has established and maintains quality records to provide evidence of conformance to requirements of effective operation of the quality system. The Control of Quality Records Procedure ensures proper identification, storage, retrieval, protection, retention time, and disposition of quality records.

The management of Petrozain will ensure that customer needs and expectations are identified, transformed into requirements, and fulfilled with the intent of achieving and exceeding customer satisfaction. Customer needs and expectations are identified via the Measuring and Monitoring Customer Satisfaction Procedure, Contract Review Procedure, and translated via the Design and Development Control Procedure. Petrozain complies with all relevant regulatory and legal requirements.
The quality policy is established by top management and approved. The management of Petrozain ensures that the documented quality policy:

• Is appropriate to the purpose of Petrozain;
• Includes a commitment to meeting requirements and to continuing improvement of the quality system.
• Provides a framework for establishing and reviewing.
• Is communicated and understood at appropriate levels of the organization per the Training Procedure, and in addition it is posted throughout visible areas of the company;
• Is reviewed for continuing suitability per the Management Review Procedure.

Petrozain management is committed to provide adequate resources to Implement and improve the processes of the quality system and Promote customer satisfaction.
The required resources for implementation and improvement of the quality system, and for addressing customer satisfaction may include any of the following: suppliers, information, infrastructure, work environment, and financial funds. The principal means for determining and communicating resource requirements are management reviews of the quality system.

Petrozain selects and assigns qualified personnel to ensure that those who have responsibilities defined in the quality system are competent on the basis of applicable education, training, skills, and experience.

Petrozain has implemented and maintains a Facility Management Procedure to manage the human and physical factors of the work environment that are necessary for achieving conforming product.

Customer Communication
Petrozain has implemented and maintains processes for communication with the customers. Customer communications includes:
 • Product I Process information.
 • Continual improvement Procedure, and Servicing Procedure;
 • Addressing inquiries، contracts or order handling.
 • Customer feedback، including customer complaints.

Petrozain ensures that the purchasing process is controlled such that purchased products and subcontracted services, which affect product quality, conform to specified requirements. The type and extent of methods to manage the purchasing process depends on the effect on subsequent realization processes and their output.

Servicing Procedure
Petrozain services its products in accordance with the warranties specified in the contracts/current catalogs. If contractually specified, servicing is extended beyond the warranty periods. The Service Function carries out its activities under control of the quality system and complies with all applicable procedures.

Petrozain ensures that the monitoring and measurement activities are identified, and that the necessary monitoring and measuring devices are available to assure conformance of the product to specified requirements. Petrozain's Control of Monitoring and Measuring Devices Procedure is used to control measuring and monitoring devices so that measurement capability is consistent with the measurement requirements.

Customer Satisfaction
A key measure of Petrozain's quality system performance is the information obtained on customer satisfaction. The methodologies for obtaining and using customer satisfaction data are documented in the Monitoring and Measuring Customer Satisfaction Procedure.
Petrozain collects and analyzes information on the needs and expectations of its customers. This information is utilized to maintain and/or improve customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction information is also considered when specific requirements for improving our products and services are developed.

Inspection and Test Procedure
Incoming, in process, and final inspection/testing are conducted to verify that products conform to specified requirements. Materials, components, subassemblies, and finished products are prevented from use, assembly, and dispatch until the required inspections are completed. Modified products shall be fully re-inspected and re-tested. The required records of inspections/tests are established and maintained.

Inspection and Test Status Procedure
The inspection and test status of all products is clearly visible throughout all stages of production, installation, and servicing. Only product that has passed the required inspections/tests is released for further processing.

Petrozain has established and maintains a documented Statistical Techniques Procedure to collect and analyze appropriate data to determine the suitability and effectiveness of the quality system and to identify improvements that can be made. This includes data generated by measuring and monitoring activities and other relevant sources.
Corrective Action
Petrozain has established and maintains a documented Corrective and Preventive Action Procedure for eliminating the causes of nonconformity in order to prevent recurrence. Corrective actions taken are appropriate to the impact of the problems encountered.  The Corrective and Preventive Action Procedure defines requirements for:

Preventive Action
Petrozain has established and maintains documented quality plans, a Design and Development Control Procedure, and a Corrective and Preventive Action Procedure for eliminating the causes of potential nonconformities to prevent occurrence. Preventive actions taken are appropriate to the impact of the potential problems. Quality plans and the procedures  define requirements for:
• Identification of potential nonconformities and their causes;
• Determination and implementation of preventive action needed;
• Recording results of action taken;
• Reviewing of preventive action taken.

Corrective and Preventive Action Procedure
The quality system at Petrozain is geared toward the prevention of defects. To this end, a formal corrective and preventive action system is utilized. Root causes of nonconforming product, services, and quality system nonconformances are investigated, and corrective and preventive actions are implemented to prevent their recurrence.

Preventive Actions
When corrective actions are implemented or when a potential serious nonconformance is identified, similar parts, products, and processes are analyzed to determine the required steps for effective implementation of preventive actions.

A thorough analysis of all related processes, operations, quality records, and specifications, which may have contributed to the deficiency, is conducted by the responsible function. The investigation and analysis of the root cause and preventive measures shall be fully documented by the group or individual assigned to the problem.  The analysis shall include review of all applicable data and examination of product scrapped or reworked to determine the extent and cause of the problem, and analysis of trends in processes or performance of work to prevent nonconformances.
All problems are evaluated in terms of potential impact on production costs, quality costs, performance, reliability, safety, and customer satisfaction. All problems  are classified either minor or major. Resolutions to all corrective and preventive actions are reviewed and approved by the Quality Manager. Where the response is unsatisfactory, the corrective action request is re-issued. The Quality Manager conducts periodic reviews/follow up to determine if the corrective and preventive actions have been implemented and are effective.

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