Construction & Maintenance

Engineering & Construction
• Buildings (Residential, industrial, Commercial etc...).
• Metal Fabrication Works
• Industry
• Pipelines
• Water Supply & Sewerage Treatment Plants
• Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants
• Repairing and testing
• Wiring of buildings and installation of control panels
• Extending low and high voltage cables

General Maintenance Services

services 5The quality preventive maintenance is a cost effective service for buildings, electrical installations and mechanical maintenance services. Preventive maintenance quality would help maintain the client's assets and also provide the design capacity and quality of the output in a cost effective manner.
The preventive maintenance would also improve the reliability and performance of the equipment such improvement inclusive but not limited to:
• Reduction in emergency repair
• Reduction in unexpected equipment down time and sub sequential cost
• Reduction in process upsets
• Extended equipment life
• Optimized cost of operation and maintenance
• Better budget preparation

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